Sunday, December 09, 2007

Employees Only: Extra Security

Update 12/12/07 - Given that the current feedback so far is a unanimous "Huh?", I'm obliged to say that this particular comic is in response to the poll I had a few months back, asking if I should have more comics, rants, behind the front lines or something else I can't remember on the blog.

The overwhelming results were 5 out of 6 people wanted comics. The sixth wanted rants.

The sixth was me.

No one ever said that I was sane people. Now that you are going to see comics, you'll probably see how bat $%!& loco I really am.

Granted though, this comic really is for my dedicated readers - the five who voted; so I don't doubt that many of you continue to say, "Huh?"

Don't worry, my non-committal guarantee of "funny being attempted" shall prove fruitful in the end.