Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Employees Only - Cutting the Fat

I couldn't tell you exactly why the thought of my belly fat hitchhiking along a desert railway is funny, but I can tell you that I might be the only one who does think it's funny.

As I continue to try to motivate myself into doing these comics regardless of the consequences, it's easy to tell myself that, "I can only get better." Which I guess is technically true, but you could say that about anything really - take weight loss for example.

Let's be clear, I don't think Wii Fit is in the habit of that sort of patronizing commentary. When the thing first came out there were stories about parents angry about it calling their kid "fat", but I thought that I was going to be free of such ridicule until it asked if I have trouble walking straight because of my poor balance.

For some reason, the Nintendo personal improvement video game line is really keen to dish out the negative reinforcement. I've been playing BrainAge 2 for a few months now and I swear it doesn't matter how much better I'm actually doing, Doctor Kawashima seems to be disappointed most of the time anyway.

Why is it that I want his approval? The man is a program on a hand held screen for Pete sake!

I don't know though, could it be that the heavy handed approach is the best treatment after all? As a child of The Karate Kid playing in theaters, I carry something of a soft spot for a stern but effective Mr. Miyagi type teacher*. Perhaps all I can hope for at my age is some popular video game platform telling me to wax on, wax off?

Now there's and idea for the next balance board game - The Karate Kid. Who wouldn't want to try out some crane kicks with their Wii?


The Brain Age Dr. Ryuta Kawashima Image Generator can be found here.

*How cool/sad is it that there is a fictional biography on Wikipedia about Mr. Miyagi?