Thursday, April 08, 2010

Employees Only - Free Wifi on Mt. Sinai

Stone tablets carved by the hand of God are all well and good, but in this day and age I have a feeling Moses would need something along the lines of a TED presentation to get his point across. Before last weekend I would have thought that PowerPoint is the best a modern day Moses could expect to work with, but low and behold - there's an App for that!

Almost just as “Revolutionary and Magical” is the fact that you are seeing a post today! But, I did it! I cannot even believe it myself to be honest, but so far I’ve kept up with this Tuesday/Thursday schedule – and I haven’t cut back on quality (much) to get here. Sadly, I’m not expecting to keep it up. By committing myself to this release schedule and wanting to create color comics even as simple as the one to the side, I pretty much stripped out any time I had for painting and illustration jobs. Something needs to be tweaked for me to keep on going; perhaps a few somethings.

I’m going to see how I can get away with paring down some of the extras without compromising on overall quality. It may just mean simpler backgrounds, which would help a lot, but it could also mean more stylized characters or even smaller strips. To be honest, I’m still learning and relearning a lot, and just by doing this more often I expect to get a bit faster. There is also the question of what sort of material I decide to go with – a regular cast has it’s appeal (especially for going faster) but I’m also worried I’ll paint myself into a corner someday if I try to do it. Thankfully the fact that I’m just really starting out and my audience is so small (and unbelievably awesome) means that I can gladly tread these waters without fear of people being pissed off that I’m messing with the formula.

One thing is for sure though, you’ll have to come back Tuesday to see if I managed to hold out through the weekend and didn’t crack under the pressure of laziness and procrastination! Until then!