Thursday, May 27, 2010

Employees Only - House Sitting

Lately I've been making comics just because they seemed funny at the time I thought them up - not really taking into account themes presented, such as home invasion, even if it's the accidental variety. For some reason, those things don't get realized until I'm almost done with the comic and about to post it.

I don't know, I guess I shouldn't take these things too seriously, Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained as they say.

For those of you paying attention, I'm still experimenting with the comic's look and overall style. I'd like to think that I'm not far off from locking it in, but it's still sort of fun to change it up a bit too. Maybe I'll get it sorted out by next year at this rate!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Employees Only - Urban Outfitter

Whenever I go out on a road trip, it's fairly certain that my Pop will start supplying abundant supplies of cola, snacks, and yes, weaponry. I remember going out on a day trip to work on my Rock Art project and Pop handed me a hunting rifle to take out all the rampant wolves and coyotes.

He's like some sort of parental Q from the James Bond movies, except instead of expensive gadgetry, he supplies things he got on sale at the local Costco.

Since he may not be in town as my siblings and I head out to California, I decided to hypothesize what his contribution to the trip may have involved. Needless to say, we'd be well prepared for anything.

Love ya Pop!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Employees Only - Ointment

I'm still trying to put together ideas worth laughing at, but my head isn't delivering. So here's a talking tube of hemorrhoid cream.

Apparently the random stuff is getting a good response, even though I'd prefer to keep a modicum of sanity involved in these comics. But since Ferrets in Space has a few fans already - despite being filler art to make up for not having an actual comic - I may revisit it more in depth.

Nothing like space rabbits locked in interstellar war with ferrets.


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Employees Only - Inspirasaurus Rex

There is a phrase that may explain this phase in Employees Only comics, and it is, "Jumping the Shark". Of course, never wanting to adhere to the status quo, I've gone with my own version of it, which I've titled, "Being Eaten Alive by Inspiration Surrounded by Whimsy".

I keep on getting the feeling that I bit off more than I can chew (*ahem*) when I sit down and try to think of the next comic. I have ideas, and they seem funny at first...and then they lose air in front of me like so many comically deflating balloons. I almost hear the actual sound of PFFFFFTTTTTT coming out of my ears.

Leave it to the ever talented Mix to step in and save the day via Google Chat:
The Mix: just make up comical mythical creatures
 Ian: I could do that for awhile I suppose.
10:00 PM I'm just without any inspiration.
  I feel like it's a chore. Not fun.
 The Mix: well you need some inspirasaurous
 Ian: Riiiiight.
 The Mix: The amazing inspiration dinosaur!
 Ian: I like it.
  What's it look like?
10:01 PM The Mix: like T-rex wearing star glasses and a hat
  with some whimsy
10:02 PM Ian: Right...and he'll really be a T-Rex in disguise who eats everyone when they're relaxed.
  Thanks Inspirasuarus! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!
10:03 PM The Mix: I was just going to say he does nothing but talk about the importance of gang prevention
 Ian: Because that's a big issue in the Jurassic age?
 The Mix: but hes not as cool, as Bad Mr.Rex who smokes and wears a leather jacket
10:04 PM and is just so damn cool
 Ian: And gets all the ladies?
 The Mix: yeah, hes living the dream
10:05 PM Ian: Well, that's better than what I had, which was jack $%!&.
That, ladies and gentlemen, is how comics are made.