Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Behind the Front Lines - "Restructuring"

Last week's comic took about 10 hours for me to finish - which in "Ian" time is approximately the span of a couple of days - which in "Ian" terms means I barely had time to buy groceries and do other chores. It also meant that unfinished paintings like the one to the side here are remaining unfinished and unworked on - which just ain't right!

I still love working on my artwork - and if it takes forever, it's because I'm getting deep into the detail work and polishing up the result. Last week's comic didn't really come up to scratch because after a couple of days work I told myself, "Ian, this is getting ridiculous." I originally intended to draw the library and other backgrounds, but my eyes were about to give out, so I threw in the towel and used photos from the web. It's sort of a low point for me, despite the fact that I'm still eager to keep going with the comic.

So I'm making a new rule for myself - line work only. Yeah, that means no color, but it also means I have to really make my line work spectacular for it to be successful as an end result. This really isn't easy to just get up and do, so I'm anticipating a few more weeks of aggravation. When all is said and done though - I will also have a streamlined approach for the comic that I can actually do in a day, and then maybe I can pay more attention to the other artwork laying around here in UnFed Artist Studios.

Thursday's comic is also going to be more stylized if I can pull it off. I'm not talking stick figures, but you certainly are not going to be seeing the past style of artwork. Since I'm just deciding this all right now, I can safely say that I have no idea what the hell it will look like either - but hey, that's what makes it fun!

(...that and booze.)

Until Thursday guys! See you then!