Thursday, June 10, 2010

Employees Only - Helping Because I Can

First off, sorry about being so damned late with this comic. I probably need to stop coloring them again, but as always, I'm still working out the kinks...

This week's comic is all about advice. Now, I used to consider myself something of a good advice giver, despite what the comic portrays. The problem with my advice was always the same though - no one would ever actually take it. Which, now that I reflect upon that fact, might mean I never really gave good advice. But I can also say that I've never given bad advice since no one ever took it either; so really it's win, win.

There actually might be a rant in this, but I'm going to avoid that this time. Instead, I'll leave you with a quote and a link to WikiQuote's page on Advice, where you can ignore all the advice you'd ever want.
"Advice is given freely because so much of it is worthless."
• James Geary, American aphorist and journalist; quote from James Geary website,    2009
Oh, and I've already thought of how the best advice for me would be to make the comic on time, as well as some other self deprecating comments, but feel free to leave your own below. I can't guarantee that your painful waiting for my comics to come on time will stop there though - but damn it I'll try!