Thursday, July 29, 2010

Employees Only - Try Not to Die

As a general rule, I don't like reality television - with the big exception being the survival shows on Discovery Channel. Something about them strikes a chord with me; perhaps the idea that I'm learning something I could use one day. Of course, were I ever to be in a survival situation and tried to rely on what I learned watching Man vs Wild I'd probably be dead within hours. I swear Bear Grylls must be infested with every parasite imaginable.

Of course, don't try to tell television executives there's such a thing as "too much of a good thing." I am currently counting six survivor shows on the Discovery Channel lineup. Six. I mean to say, either they are trying to tell us all something (what the hell do they know that we don't?) or they decided to ride this Survivor Horse until it dies broken and lifeless beneath them. Personally, with the rate they're going, I don't think I'm that far from predicting the future with today's comic - keep your eye out for my intellectual property lawsuit.

Incidentally, the Try Not to Die logo is way too good for me to not use it again. I may have to come up with more episodes of my own in future Employees Only!


Thanks to Survivor Man I feel naked without a leatherman handy. It's perfect for fashioning weapons from everyday objects, and makes a lovely conversation piece at airport security.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

J.K. Rowling Harvard Commencement Speech

J.K. Rowling Speaks at Harvard Commencement from Harvard Magazine on Vimeo.
I had originally planned on pontificating with yet another rant today, but seeing as I am late as it is with the post and that this is so much better than what I could possibly say, I'm happy to offer up this video of J.K. Rowling's Harvard Commencement speech.

This speech is a couple of years old now, but I think it's well worth watching today, and worth seeing again even if you already have. It is 20 minutes long, but don't let that dissuade you; her humor and sincerity is really captivating, and for me it hardly seemed long at all.


I can't even remember who spoke at my graduation - I'm guessing Harvard graduates don't have that problem.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busy with Art - New Post Tomorrow!

This is actually very organized...trust me.
Sorry everyone, in addition to losing sleep last night because of bugs crawling up my sides in the dark, I've been busy trying to implement an advertising campaign for my portrait work, in addition to trying to get some headway on a few paintings, etc. - so I haven't been able to finish today's post. I plan on trying to work on it some during my lunch break today at work, but until then I'm sorry for the delay!

Don't forget you can follow my Twitter feed for random musings and Internet links throughout the week - it's not the full plate of experience you get here on EN•blog, but consider it a snack to tide you over! See you tomorrow!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Employees Only - Naked Strategies

It doesn't work that well when you are awake though. Although, if you can take a pool cue to the head and afterward still beat the crap out of some bikers to steal their clothing...well, that's a different story.

Don't go trying that on my account though. I'm not here to give you ideas.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ian Listen's to Music 16!

Today's post is regretfully another quick post, so I decided to throw out some recommendations on music that I'm betting people haven't heard yet.

Yes! by K-Os
Recommended to me by Bear the Astronot, the first word that pops into my head listening to Yes! by Canadian artist K-Os is "layered". The music is undeniably hip-hop, but you'll hear plenty of rock guitar and drums in the background with mixes of electronic elements - and on top of that K-Os seems to enjoy referencing pop hits from many genres with his lyrics.

K-Os seems to resonate most with other musicians from what Bear told me, and that is quite an endorsement. Yet while I could definitely hear what the excitement is about, I found that I really enjoyed the last two songs (3 if you count the hidden track) in the album the most, mainly because they were the simplest and easier to follow along with. Check it out for yourself though - it's definitely something you won't hear on FM radio (at least not in Arizona).

Broken Bells by Broken Bells
Fans of the Shins have something to look forward to while the band is working on their next album with this collaboration by Danger Mouse and Shins lead singer James Mercer called Broken Bells.

With this album, I'm reminded of the Gorillaz, which is sort of odd since the album was released at the same time as Plastic Beach. Listen to tracks like The Ghost Inside though, and tell me it doesn't make you think the same. James Mercer's unique lyrics and vocals definitely stand out though, making this something unique and enjoyable.

Special thanks to Anthony at work for letting me know about them!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Employees Only - I'm a Little Busy Right Now

Hey what do ya know - it's a video game comic!

So Red Dead Redemption is awesome, and I'm probably going to start playing it as soon as I hit "publish post"on this baby. Fans of Rockstar games may remember that Grand Theft Auto IV had Roman, who would constantly call you to hang out, and consequently piss you off by the fifteenth time he does it because you don't want to flipping hang out - you want to jack a car. I'm not saying that RDR is as bad - it just seems that this "Mister!" guy loves showing up in the middle of something else.

It's almost uncanny, as if Rockstar programmed him to be like a waiter at the restaurant asking you how your meal is...you know what I'm talking about. Don't pretend you don't know. Hell, I was at a damn Subway this week (A SUBWAY FOR PETE SAKE) and an employee walked by me, in full mastication mode, asking me how the sandwich was. Seriously people, if I'm in the middle of chewing the damn thing you should just assume it's going to be OK.

Likewise, if I'm about to be gnawed on by 200 lbs of cat, now's not the time to save your buddy. Unless maybe you're asking the cougar. He might be up for dessert later on.


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Employees Only - Worth the Price of Admission

Ah to be a fan - Is there any other pleasure that is quite so bitter? Many of my fellow fans of Avatar • The Last Airbender are probably feeling like they need to organize an open revolt against the movie that was released last week, and I certainly can sympathize with their reasoning. I don't, however, feel like it was the worst thing on the screen, whatever metacritic.com may put forth.

As the comic title suggests, I thought I got my money's worth. I wasn't too happy about the movie's scripting, specifically the unending amount of exposition, but really that was the only complaint I had which stood out to me when I got up to leave. Yes there are other things, but how could a movie lasting less than 2 hours possibly compare to a full season of a fantastic animated series?

We've been down this road before, and if it isn't some tobacco contaminated kryptonite, or flipping Jar Jar dancing around on screen, it's going to be something else. I for one can't think there is ever going to be an end to the phenomenon of disappointment, and so the only way to overcome it is to count down from 10, breathe deep, and revisit the material* that made us love Avatar • The Last Airbender to begin with. Trust me, it's like Robitussin for the soul.

Still though, I'm hoping the next movie is going to be a much improved sequel to heal all our gaping Avatar fanboy wounds. And I plan on lining up on release day to see that one too.


*The full series (all 3 seasons!) is also available on Netflix streaming if you have it - check it out!