Thursday, July 15, 2010

Employees Only - I'm a Little Busy Right Now

Hey what do ya know - it's a video game comic!

So Red Dead Redemption is awesome, and I'm probably going to start playing it as soon as I hit "publish post"on this baby. Fans of Rockstar games may remember that Grand Theft Auto IV had Roman, who would constantly call you to hang out, and consequently piss you off by the fifteenth time he does it because you don't want to flipping hang out - you want to jack a car. I'm not saying that RDR is as bad - it just seems that this "Mister!" guy loves showing up in the middle of something else.

It's almost uncanny, as if Rockstar programmed him to be like a waiter at the restaurant asking you how your meal is...you know what I'm talking about. Don't pretend you don't know. Hell, I was at a damn Subway this week (A SUBWAY FOR PETE SAKE) and an employee walked by me, in full mastication mode, asking me how the sandwich was. Seriously people, if I'm in the middle of chewing the damn thing you should just assume it's going to be OK.

Likewise, if I'm about to be gnawed on by 200 lbs of cat, now's not the time to save your buddy. Unless maybe you're asking the cougar. He might be up for dessert later on.