Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ian Listen's to Music 16!

Today's post is regretfully another quick post, so I decided to throw out some recommendations on music that I'm betting people haven't heard yet.

Yes! by K-Os
Recommended to me by Bear the Astronot, the first word that pops into my head listening to Yes! by Canadian artist K-Os is "layered". The music is undeniably hip-hop, but you'll hear plenty of rock guitar and drums in the background with mixes of electronic elements - and on top of that K-Os seems to enjoy referencing pop hits from many genres with his lyrics.

K-Os seems to resonate most with other musicians from what Bear told me, and that is quite an endorsement. Yet while I could definitely hear what the excitement is about, I found that I really enjoyed the last two songs (3 if you count the hidden track) in the album the most, mainly because they were the simplest and easier to follow along with. Check it out for yourself though - it's definitely something you won't hear on FM radio (at least not in Arizona).

Broken Bells by Broken Bells
Fans of the Shins have something to look forward to while the band is working on their next album with this collaboration by Danger Mouse and Shins lead singer James Mercer called Broken Bells.

With this album, I'm reminded of the Gorillaz, which is sort of odd since the album was released at the same time as Plastic Beach. Listen to tracks like The Ghost Inside though, and tell me it doesn't make you think the same. James Mercer's unique lyrics and vocals definitely stand out though, making this something unique and enjoyable.

Special thanks to Anthony at work for letting me know about them!