Thursday, September 02, 2010

Employees Only - Brand Name Goods

Ahh, the joys of car buying.

Today's strip was actually inspired by the game Split/Second • Velocity by Disney Interactive Studios. I'm a fan of good racing games, but like many games you don't always get exactly what you are expecting with the cars. They may look like a Chevrolet Camero or the Bugatti Veyron, but in the game it doesn't tell you that's what they are. Instead your told it's a "Ryback Clydesdale" or something else you've never heard of. I can only assume that when they were buying the cars for the game they fell prey to some wily car salesman peddling foreign knock-offs.

Hey, we've all been suckered from time to time. It's just a shame to see Disney be cheap about which cars we get to blow up and ram into bridges in the game.


Special thanks to the Mix as always for the comic suggestion!