Thursday, September 09, 2010

Employees Only - The Dental Debate

Boy do I enjoy some zombie humor. And let's face it, nothing is more hilarious, or adorable, than Gummy the Toothless Zombie. Oh man, what zany adventures will he have next?

Given the current political winds, especially in my state, I figure electing a flesh craving undead politician isn't that far off from reality. Really, it's all who you know, and whether you're on the right side of the issues. I picture Gummy as standing strongly on the side of universal dental care, which probably doesn't win him many fans, but no one can deny he is deeply invested in his cause.

In other zombie related news I've been playing the latest Dead Rising offering on Xbox Arcade, and am enjoying it. When zombies have teeth it's much easier to destroy them with aggressive indifference. It's also fun to run them over with a moose head. For 400 points ($5 bucks!) you can't go wrong by downloading the game and having a go at it yourself!