Thursday, September 30, 2010

Employees Only - The Web is Worse 3 - Speed

Hey there, it's today's comic! Albeit it's today's comic extremely late in the day... but still today (in my timezone)! You'll have to forgive my lateness, as I was pruning the hedges and fighting back insect infestations in my back yard. Had you seen the state of the landscaping earlier, you'd agree that something had to be done.

Now on to your regularly scheduled comic...

I'm not against faster Internet speeds, but admittedly we pay the price for faster service. If any of you remember what unholy jpeg accompanies the clicking of a link that says, "Be Warned, You Can Not Unclick!" you may heartily agree with me at this moment that fast, instantaneous images isn't always a good thing. It's not even images anymore either - you can be Rick Rolled within the blink of an eye. While that's hilarious, I'm not eager for anyone to introduce me certain a citrus related party anytime soon.

Overall, I wouldn't give up fast Internet to go back to dial up, but I sadly feel an old timer's wistfulness for the simpler times of dial-up and telnet...but that is all something Xbox and Windows 7 won't be able to bring back.

You kids don't know how easy you have it! Why in my day we finished our chores and homework because the only thing you could do with a computer was play Oregon Trail and maybe Prince of Persia on the town computer.  Why, if I was going to play a game on my phone it involved prank calling my neighbor, and no, we didn't have an "app for that". You ungrateful hooligans!


Is there an app for prank calling? Hmmm....