Thursday, November 04, 2010

Employees Only - Cheater's Remorse

I didn't know how much I loved her until I dumped her for a younger, perkier contender.

My remorse was truly palpable, and I even called up AT&T asking them what to do if I decided to come back. Unfortunately Verizon is returning to it's bastardly ways of loading phones with unwanted crap that I can't remove without hacking the damn Gibson, and I just wasn't ready to deal with it. This in itself is worthy of an entire separate post, but I'm just going to button up my rage and keep my fingers crossed that eventually Verizon will stop force feeding me stuff I don't want or need when I'm already paying them money for something I do want.

In the end, was this enough to make me part ways with R2D2?

No, but I still miss having iPhone around. Oh man, she made the best apps! I used to watch Netflix with her and even doing my chores is a lot of fun when she's around...

...but Android's is still pretty good...I guess. I gotta say that having a flipp'n astromech in my pocket is very pimp indeed. Every time someone texts me, or I get an alert and I hear R2D2's beeps and whirrs - well my separation anxiety loosens a little bit more. R2 is a pretty good phone, and I have a feeling this little droid and me are going to be through a lot together.


It may be a bit awkward to run into the old phone when she's on her new network though. I'm not the jealous type, but hopefully Verizon doesn't screw around with her too.