Thursday, March 03, 2011

Employees Only - A Foot Long Awesome on Wheat

The sad fact is that this conversation actually took place.

I'm not sure how exciting making sandwiches can be, but actually eating them is much better in my opinion. Therefore, if the people at Subway want to really make a big impression on me, work harder on getting a tasty sub into my hands quickly and cheaply. Nothing else is really required of you - you could be doing cartwheels across the sneeze guard and all I'd be thinking is, "this is delaying my sandwich."

Thus ends my two comic series detailing Subway shenanigans. Oh, just in case...if anyone at Subway ever comes across this, please consider making a new sandwich called "The Awesome". Assuming your employees can contain their exuberance at the mere thought of such a delicacy; it will sell. Trust me.