Thursday, March 24, 2011

Employees Only - Not So Precious After All

Ahh Apple. I'm reasonably sure that I haven't ripped off someone else by making this comic, because I purposely looked around and didn't see it. But the comparison is so damn obvious that I can't believe Employees Only is the first across the finish line with it. At any rate, I'm sure I'm not bruising Steve Job's ego at all with my little web comic. He's probably laughing at it right now as he pushes a button on his desk to have me killed or worse...come out with the iPad3!

In all fairness, yes, I'd like to have an iPad. The thing is cool damn it - but I refuse to stand idly by as the guys at Apple talk about the thing like it's technological sliced bread. I swear every Apple product is given this aura of being designed in the mystical forges of Cupertino, hammered lovingly by Jony Ive. And I do mean every Apple product.

They make socks for their iPods. Socks. Think really hard about that.

Meanwhile I'm keeping my fingers crossed the prices come down on the original iPad, cause Ian wants to play Tiny Wings.