Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ferrets in Space • Episode 1 - The Threat Within

It's 1am and I'm only vaguely aware of how funny this comic possibly is. My apologies in advance for it being funnier in my head twelve hours ago.

Really though, it only needs to be funny to one person, and that's The Mix, who celebrates his birthday today! That's right Mix, I hope you like your birthday comic - it has a ferret massacring rabbits.

As for my non-Mix readers, please accept this massive comic as payment for this entire week. I need the extra time to do my taxes, so I hope you won't mind that Employees Only will continue next week instead!


3/30/11 - I've updated the link so that the image links directly to my portfolio site for anyone who wants to see a larger version. The embedded version should also look a little sharper...sorry about missing that earlier!