Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Comics in the Classroom!

One of the reasons you didn't see any posts for this month is because I had a paid gig! (That sounds awesome even being typed out...even my keyboard clicks seem merrier!) Even better, Employees Only lent over it's style and humor to a project that will hopefully help kids in school do better at test taking! How do you like them apples?

Although I can't share the whole project with you because it is now part of a product that the company will be selling to schools, I can share a few details that didn't make it into the comic which I thought might be interesting...sort of a director's commentary.

The concept circles around a duck (which I've privately named Pearson) that helps three kids prepare to take tests. Oddly enough, a lot of kids don't really know how to take tests in general, nor do they know the best ways to prepare and study for them. I went with a duck because I figured it was odd enough that most kids would at least give it a chance.  However, because I was under such a tight deadline, the story stuck very much to the point and there's no back story (IE - there's no reason why there's a duck helping kids take tests).

To me this is secretly hilarious. I love nonsense stuff, and ducks are perfect non sequitur in my opinion.

The student characters are also a little too busy being helped with test preparation that they don't even get introduced properly, but for any who may be curious they are named Neil, Kevin, and Felicia. Each had a personality and as the story developed I started to really sense their identity, even though there wasn't much chance for it to show through. I did squeeze in a small amount of shtick between Pearson and Neil though that was a lot of fun for me to include into the story - I'm really hoping that students respond well to it.

Overall I'm really pleased with what I was privileged enough to do, and that's in no small part thanks to Employees Only, which I'm looking forward to returning to (Pig Posts too!). We'll catch you at our regular (ish) schedule this Thursday - thanks as always for your patience!