Thursday, October 06, 2011

Employees Only - It Stings A Little

I love mountain biking in the desert, and I hope I survive it long enough to do it well into the future. Funny thing about mountain biking in the desert though, you fall. And if you happen to be me, you fall a lot more than your pride will admit to.

Now the funny thing about falling off a bike in the desert is that usually you put your hands out to stop yourself from breaking your clavicle...but there are so many pointy, poisonous things on the ground that it could be better just to tuck and roll, and then pray to whomever that you'll avoid having to pull out a pincushion from your face. You should pretty much expect to bleed on any and every trip, but the excitement comes from finding out how you'll end up bleeding!

So yeah - everyone should try it!