Friday, March 02, 2012

Employees Only - A Party Up In Here

100 Comics of Employees Only!

Needless to say there's A LOT of references to the past comics in this guy, so please forgive all the inside jokes. It's sort of sad to think about how bizarre this comic will seem to someone who's reading Employees Only for the first time and sees this comic; I mean, there's a tyrannosaurus surrounded by whimsy, standing behind a talking bison...

I think I might come back later and add links to the previous comics to save everyone the trouble of trying to understand this on their own. Until then, I'm a proud parent showing off his bizarre children and if you have any idea about what's going on I'm happy to consider you a fan.

Thank you!

Update 3/3/12 - I've tagged a lot of the characters in past comics, so you can check the labels and click a character's name to see the comics they've appeared in. It should work pretty well for everyone except Ian and the Mix, because they're in a lot and I didn't have time yet. Still though, happy comic reading!