Friday, March 09, 2012

The Inchworm

The last comic I worked on at my workshop last month was this on-the-spot piece that I had to create from a word which I pulled out of the hat. My word was "inchworm" and this was what I did in about two and a half hours (inks only).

About a third of the way through I began thinking to myself, "Have I seen this before?" and I immediately went over to Scott McCloud and told him I thought I may be redrawing someone else's comic. He said just go for it anyway. His advice was that even if someone else has already done it, I'd do it differently. So if you have seen this before (or created it) please let me know and I'll attribute my comic to you. Otherwise I'm hoping I just was being overly paranoid...because I am a little proud of it.

Hope you like it!