Thursday, August 09, 2012

Employees Only - Part Time 4

So there you go - the main character is ingested by a dinosaur! Or...Ian is killed by the physical representation of inspiration, which happens to be embodied by an extinct animal surrounded by "whimsy", who just has the job as a part time gig. If you read the comic so far you would have known that though...


OK, so my comic has become rather obscure and impenetrable. It's been suggested many times that I scrap the comic altogether and start over, but for some reason I've grown attached to these characters. It has always been my intention to make something everyone else also enjoys, but apparently I'm better at amusing myself than I am figuring out how to do that. I've gone a little too far to even attempt to dig myself out at this point, so I'm just going to keep wrapping duct tape around this boat until it floats.

That means different comics - more story lines, different approaches, and probably more of the same impenetrable humor that you, my five readers, have grown to groan over. I'm also taking on more comic tasks aside from Employees Only, and I hope to share that all with you if I can. Everything from freelance gigs that I pick up (yes, incredibly, people do sometimes pay me to make comics) and my long awaited graphic novel ambitions.

And yeah, what the hell, I'll make pig posts too.