Thursday, March 28, 2013

Employees Only - Hot Air

Anyone else reading awesome books out there in Internet land? I've been really enjoying Ready Player One by Ernest Cline - so much that I thought it be fun to put an 80's reference in the comic. First person to find it tweet me the correct answer @ENTweetin and I'll draw an Employees Only avatar for you*.


* Quick legalese - I'll base the winner on the time stamp of the tweet as shown on Twitter (which means I have to be able to see the post on twitter.com, so if your account is set on private add me or set it to public). If for some reason there is a tie I'll try to draw an avatar for each party. I have the right to refuse rewarding anybody for any reason I see fit, so be nice and polite and don't make a request for an avatar that's offensive. Let see, what else? Uh...I make no promises on a delivery time for said avatar drawing, but quite frankly I don't think it'll take that long - I'm guessing sometime in 2013 ;). The reward will only be a PNG formatted 256X256 resolution file that I will design and create as I see fit, so don't bother asking for original artwork or having me draw it with oil paints or something like that. I will DM the winner via Twitter with a URL that they can download the PNG from, and I'll leave it available for download for as long as I want, but probably for at least a month. I retain all copyrights, but if you want to put it on a shirt or something just ask me before you do - otherwise it's just a website avatar for your personal use.

What a pain is this legal stuff, am I right? If I'm honest The Mix is probably going to win this anyway, so I shouldn't worry about this legal stuff 'cause I'll end up drawing his cat.